Unicorn Kisses Natural Lip Balm

$6.00 CAD

What do unicorn farts smell like? Apparently, delicious! But do you know what's even sweeter? Unicorn kisses! They're really quite magical, and therefore hard to describe, but they're full of fruitiness, just a tiny bit tart and as sweet and fluffy as freshly spun cotton candy!

If you had your own personal unicorn, you'd never let it out of your sight, and although your lip balm is tiny enough to be easily tucked away for safe keeping, you won't have to go to those lenghts to keep it safe since each tube of Unicorn Kisses lip balm features a handy label that can be personalized with your child's name (or yours, or your unicorn's) to avoid mixups, or just make them feel as special as the magical unicorn they are!

Another good thing to know - there is no sweetener added to my lip balms. So they will smell delicious but not taste like much at all. That way, if your little one is tempted to lick their lips, which is a big contributor to chapped lips and that lovely red circle around the mouth that kids and parents living in cold climates know all too well, they'll likely try once or twice and then let it be. And the nice thick formula means that it will stay put for a good long while too!

Size: 4.25g (0.15oz) tube 

Ingredients: organic theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, cera alba (beeswax/cire d’abeille), organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, caprylic/capric/stearic triglyceride, organic aroma (flavour), tocopherol

    What goes into each tube of Eclair Lips?
    Curious about the ingredients used in the lip balm and what they do for your lips? Here is the lowdown on what you'll find listed on the labels:
      Why do the names of the ingredients listed on your label sound, uhm, so complicated?
      Some of those might not sound very familiar because in Canada, we're required to use very specific scientific names when listing ingredients that often don’t sound much like the words we’re used to calling them by. So here is the label deciphered!

    • COCOA BUTTER (theobroma cacao):
    • Cocoa butter is amazing. You know why? It’s one of the main ingredients in chocolate. In my balm, it’s responsible for creating a wonderful protective layer that can help moisturize your lips even in the harshest climates. (Ahem, Canadian winters – you know I’m talkin’ ’bout you!) It’s also how I get that delicious chocolate smell in so many of my flavours.

    • BEESWAX (cera alba)
    • One of the key elements in creating that perfect consistency on your lips that stays put, keeps your lip balm solid so it doesn’t turn into a pile of goo at room temperature. Bonus: it smells so nice too!

    • COCONUT OIL (cocos nucifera)
    • Another amazing ingredient that moisturizes and softens and can stand up to the weather when it’s being a jerk. And yes, it smells as amazing as it sounds – warm and tropical and delicious!

    • This one might sound perplexing, but it’s actually a butter that’s made of vegetable sources like palm and coconut oil, and it helps give your lip balm that luxurious feel.

    • FLAVOUR (aroma)
    • My flavours are specifically formulated to be used in lip balm, are cruelty and paraben-free and smell absolutely amazing!

    • VITAMIN E (tocopherol)
    • Not only is this great for your skin and helping protect against environmental damage, it helps boost the shelf life of your lip balm.

      Are there any preservatives in Eclair Lips?
      One thing you’ll notice is that Eclair Lips is preservative free. By sticking to a formula of strictly oils, waxes and butters that don’t require preservation, and giving them an extra little shelf-life boost with Vitamin E, we can keep things simple and natural.

      What is the shelf life of a tube of Eclair Lips?
      Depending on where it’s stored, your tube will keep for 12 to 24 months. It will last longer in a drawer in an air conditioned office than it does in the glove compartment of a hot car. If it starts to smell a little like a bottle of oil that’s been sitting in the pantry a bit too long, it’s time to say farewell. One thing to note though is that with time, the texture of your balm may become a touch granular - this is due to natural crystallization of the cocoa butter in the formula. It’s not a problem at all and your balm will still smell and feel wonderful and smooth on easily when you glide it over your lips.