What goes into each tube of Eclair Lips?
The formula consists of natural ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and delicious natural flavors.

Why do the ingredients on the label sound so different than the list above?
In Canada, we’re required to name ingredients on our label using very specific scientific or latin names that often don’t look much like the words we’re used to calling them by. So when you see tocopherol, cera alba or aroma, we’re talking about vitamin E, beeswax and natural flavors. Here is the full ingredient list you'll find on the labels: theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, cera alba (beeswax, cire d’abeille), cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, caprylic/capric/stearic glycerides, aroma (flavor), tocopherol

What do these ingredients do?

Cocoa Butter: I think cocoa butter is a miracle ingredient. You know why? It's one of the main ingredients in chocolate. And chocolate is one of the wonderful miracles I enjoy in this life. And it's aweseome for even more reasons too! In my balm, it's responsible to creating a wonderful protective layer that can help moisturize your lips even in the harshest climates. (Did I mention I live in Canada?) It's also how I get that yummy chocolate smell.

Beeswax: one of the key elements in creating that perfect consistency on your lips that stays put, keeps your lip balm solid so it doesn't turn into a pile of guck at room temperature and it smells nice, too!

Coconut Oil: another amazing ingredient that moisturizes and softens and can stand up to the weather when it's being a jerk. And yes, it smells as amazing as it sounds - warm and tropical and delicious!

Sweet Almond Oil: it moisturizes, it softens and it's amazing in my lip balm! It's a great consistency that wonderfully complements the rest of the ingredients in the formula.

Caprylic/capric/stearic glycerides: this one might sound perplexing, but it's actually a butter that's made of sustainable palm and coconut oil, and it helps give your lip balm that luxurious feel.

Flavours: my flavours are specifically formulated to be used in lip balm, are cruelty and paraben-free and many of them are also natural, organic and food grade. But here is the funny thing - although they are called flavours, they don't have much taste at all. So although your tube might smell like a White Chocolate Truffle, it won't taste like one, of much of anything else, on your lips, but it will smell amazing under your nose!

Vitamin E: not only is this great for your skin and helping protect against environmental damage, it helps boost the shelf life of our lip balm.

Are there any preservatives in Eclair Lips?
One thing you'll notice is that Eclair Lips is preservative free. By sticking to a formula of strictly oils, waxes and butters that don't require preservation, and giving them an extra little shelf-life boost with Vitamin E, we can keep things simple and natural.

What is the shelf life of a tube of Eclair Lips?
Depending on where it's stored, your tube will keep for 12 to 24 months. It will last longer in a drawer in an air conditioned office than it does in the glove compartment of a hot car. If it starts to smell a little off, like a bottle of oil that's been sitting in the pantry a bit too long, it's time to toss it.

Why only 12-24 months? I've had other lip balms that have lasted for years.
Yup, I've had lip balms that have lasted that long too, and those that do usually have some extra ingredients to extend the shelf life. One of the things about using natural ingredients is that they will behave like natural ingredients. So if you had an open bottle of almond or coconut oil you used that one time you tried a new recipe hanging around your kitchen for a long time, it would eventually go rancid, start to smell off and have a strange sticky consistency. And it works the same way for the lip balm.

How do I maximize the life of my tube of Eclair Lips?
The lip balm will last longest if it's kept in a cool dry place. So if you've bought a few tubes hoping you would stock up for a while, pop the unopened tubes into the fridge or freezer and pull them out when you're ready to use them.

My tube has tiny crystals forming. Is this normal?
This is totally normal and is due to the cocoa butter in the formula - when it's slightly melted and then hardens again, like it does when kept in your pocket, it will naturally start to crystallize, just like chocolate might do in the same conditions. It's perfectly normal and natural, and your lip balm should still glide on to your lips smoothly.

Will the chocolate flavours add a brown colour to my lips?
Nope. The chocolate flavours will glide on clear.

These smell really good now, but will my lips smell like Chocolate Hazelnut in 3 hours from now and just become overwhelming?
One of the wonderful things about Eclair Lips is that they smell wonderful when you open the cap and while you apply, but within a few minutes, the aroma dissipates. As someone who is very sensitive to fragrances, I've often gotten too much of a good thing when a fragrance I initially loved would linger and linger until I didn't enjoy it anymore. It was important to me that Eclair Lips flavours become very subtle and dissipate after a few moments, leaving lips soft and moisturized. 

These smell good enough to eat! Could I?
I know, I know, they smell really good. But please don't eat your lip balm. It's not meant to be eaten. It's meant for your lips. And although I've never bitten into one, I don't imagine that they would be particularly satisfying. You remember the sadness you felt the first time you bit into a piece of unsweetened chocolate? Yeah, I imagine it would be like that. But a little bit waxier.

I licked my lips while wearing Eclair Lips and there's not really much of a flavour or any sweetness at all. Why?
Although the ingredients I use to get the delicious aromas are called flavours, they are technically fragrances that are safe to be used on lips and don't have any taste to them, which really, is a good thing. While licking your lips after you've eaten ice cream or any other delicious dessert is fine, doing it all the time will actually dry them out, which is the opposite effect that I want for my customers. For that reason, I also don't include any sweeteners in my formula so that we won't constantly be tempted to lick, lick, lick!