About Us

As a grown woman, it sometimes feels a little silly to admit that I have a bit of an obsession with lip balm. I’ve tried to love lipstick like a good fashionista should. I tried to go bare-lipped like any hippie chick worth her Birkenstocks does. But I just couldn’t give it up.

I couldn’t give up the wonderful sensation of creamy balm and smooth, soft lips. I couldn’t give up that little moment of inhaling the scent of my favorite flavor of the excitement of spreading it over my lips. I couldn’t give up that feeling of being just a little more put together, but still looking like myself. >But yet, I could never find the perfect lip balm. Seriously. Where was it? I wanted a luxurious, creamy formula that would glide over my lips, keep them soft and supple and still be there when I woke up in the morning. I wanted a lip balm with wholesome, back to basics ingredients and not a list that was a mile long.

I wanted it to look as special and pretty, the same way I felt during that short moment I spent applying it.

And I didn’t want it to smell just ok, I wanted it to smell as amazing and drool worthy, like fresh baked pastries sitting on the counter of the best bakery in town. Really, was that too much for a girl to ask? I didn’t think so. But I’m not one to wait around for others to make things happen and decided to get to work.

Though it took a lot of effort, it hardly felt like work at all. The hours, the late nights spent tinkering away in my kitchen. Experimenting to get the consistency just right. Blending flavors until they were irresistible. It was this dessert-loving, lip balm hoarding girl’s dream come true! It wasn’t long before friends and family took notice, and I soon saw myself taking small steps to take my idea from a hobby to a brand. With much support from my wonderful husband and our two adorable daughters (who also happen to love their Mama’s lip balm!), I worked and keep working diligently to bring you the product that you see today. I’m beyond thrilled to have you here browsing my line of naturally-decadent, dessert-inspired lip balm and am amazed that it all came to be because of a little habit In indulge in that makes me feel like I’m still 13.

Thank you so much for being here to share this with me!